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LAUNCH — 'Æmil' by Lore Van Keer

Lore Van Keer is looking for extremes in her latest collection Æmil.
Architecture has always been an inspiration for Lore Van Keer, and her latest collection Æmil is no exception. During a road trip through the Northern-Italian region Emilia-Romagna, she was mesmerized by the Mediopana train station, designed by none other than Santiago Calatrava. This architectural gem is the stimulus of the new collection. 

Fascinated by Calatrava’s curvy shapes and illusion of movement, Lore started the design process which resulted in the Æmil collection. The collection is atypical, but feels very familiar at the same time. It is atypical, because the collection is remarkably feminine due to the repeated use of curved shapes and white mother-of-pearl. It feels familiar, seeing that Lore always combines refreshing novelties with abstract elements and a timeless feel. 

Although Lore consistently pursues beauty through simplicity, she is flirting with extremes this time: refined designs alternate impressive statement pieces. She harmonizes with Calatrava, who does not avoid controversy either. For seven years, Lore has been managing to renew herself without losing her uniqueness, which she proves once again with Æmil with verve. 

Good to know: Lore was supported by Louise Mertens, who translated this exceptional collection into striking images.

— Hoogstraat 9, 1861 Wolvertem