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M&A — Pt. one | It's all about the people

First up is our Junior Brand Buzzer Ikram

Get to know the team behind MARNIX & ALLY! Once in a while we shine a light on the people behind the agency by sharing something personal. Read on to find out what happens behind the scenes at the MARNIX & ALLY headquarters. 
Eventually, everyone wakes up, but only a select few do so with grace. I would love to say that I am one of those people who wakes up chirpy and greets the day with a smile, but I’m not.

At least, not until I had my morning coffee. I go into this sort of survival mode until I had my first drop of caffeine. The sensory treat of sipping a coffee is what helps me cope with the daily grind.

After my shot of caffeine, anything can happen but I feel set up for it. That being said, please don’t take anything personal before I had my coffee!

So in case you'd want to win my heart:
1. buy me coffee
2. make me coffee
3. be coffee